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TPSNL - Additional Information

TOTAL PREMIER SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED (TPSNL) is a fully established firm with local and international partners for the supply, and distribution of OCTG services in Nigeria. We clearly believe and accept the policy guideline statement of the Government on local content and see the development of local content in the oil and gas upstream services as indeed a solid way of ensuring local capacity building within the industry. In compliance with the set target in Schedule ‘A’ of Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, the company is currently building its welding plant in the Onne Oil & Gas Free Trade Zone, Port Harcourt.

TPSNL engages Nigerian qualified sub-contractors to carry out after sales technical services including pipe inspection, welding, trucking and many more through skilled local Nigerian workforce, thereby creating employment and providing first class training to its workforce and to the local communities.

Total Premier Services Nigeria Limited (TPSNL) has made it part of its core responsibility to fully integrate the federal government’s directive by adequately empowering Nigerians and local sub-contractors in the oil and gas industry to jointly work as partner in progress. To this end, all our inspections are carried out in-country based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

All are one hundred percent (100%) Nigerian owned companies, to support TPSNL operations. Local content development in the oil and gas services sector is strategically aligned with the company’s overall strategy of developing local capability/competencies in its chosen business area capable of delivering top of the range quality services in accordance with international standards and codes of practice.

TOTAL PREMIER SERVICES, apart from being Nigerian registered company has its operating strategy designed to exceed the industry goal of achieving 70% local content in all oil and gas related activities in Nigeria by the year 2010.

Furthermore, as a corporate entity, whose services depend a great deal on the skills, competencies and professionalism of its staff, training is a very significant undertaking within the company, therefore substantial percentage of annual turnover is expended on personnel development and training programs within and outside Nigeria.


TPSNL is currently working with NOV XL Systems to build a Large double ended In-Country Welding Facility for Large Outside Diameter (O.D.) materials. This is a multi-million dollar project currently being constructed on a 31,000 sq meter area in the Onne Free Trade Zone.

In conjunction with our supply partner NOV XL Systems, Total Premier Services Nigeria, Ltd. (TPSNL) is committed to the following:

  Setting up a 1,803 m2 facility in the Onne Oil & Gas Free Trade Zone complete with short term storage facilities.  The existing 15,000 m2 TPSNL yard in Onne will be moved to a new larger combined yard to accomodate both operations (31,000 m2 which includes a new larger office building on-site).

  Installation of NOV XL System's welding unit in order to maximize manufacturing efficiency, quality and throughput.

  Installation of the necessary production racks, hydraulic lifting systems, roller and Gantry crane systems.

  Installation of large OD beveling and grinding stations.

  Connection of equipment and facility to required utilities (power generation, water and pressurized air supply.

  Commissioning of the manufacturing plant in order to process NOV XL System's Viper® connectors and to finish large OD conductor pipe in Nigeria.  

The approach that TPNSL has adopted has focused on maximizing true local content. While our partner will supply the proprietary welding equipment, TPSNL will operate the facility including maintaining Nigerian employees to staff the facility. Expatriates will initially be used during commissioning to train the new Nigerian staff but after commissioning, the manufacturing facility will be operated by over 90% Nigerian employees.

With the opening and effective operation of a welding facility in Nigeria, there will be a variety of new functions that will be performed by our Nigerian workforce. While the ultimate goal is to weld and complete Viper® casing and conductor pipe, there are myriad functions that go into that process which will also be conducted in-country.

They include but are not limited to:

  Initial customer interface and planning
  Order Entry
  Purchasing of Materials
  Shipping, Customs, and Transportation
  Storage and Operations
  Manufacturing Planning
  Welding of Tubulars
  Consumable Purchasing
  Pipe Finishing
  Non-destructive Testing
  Pipe Inspection and Quality Assurance

Due to the high levels of skill required for the running of such a facility, substantial levels of training and a significant development program would be initiated.